In over a decade of selling, training and coaching, I’ve learned the secrets to improving sales strategy. My innovative training methodologies have helped many of the world’s top companies and I can help you too. Contact me today to begin eliminating roadblocks and winning more deals!

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Daniel Grissom sales strategy expert

Proven Sales Growth.

Here’s your ROI:

Pipeline Acceleration

The typical sales cycle is 7 calls in Major Account Selling. I will reduce your sales cycle to 5 calls or less. How? By helping you and your teams get to the truth faster.

Cultural Change

The typical organization works in silos. Sound familiar? I will increase collaboration and communication within department and between departments.

Scalable System

The typical company has pockets of sales strategy excellence, but struggles to create a scalable process that drives consistent value for its clients and prospects. Do you know a company like that? I will turn that reality around for you.

Discover what’s missing from your team’s sales strategy.

Satisfied Clients

Take the Deal Closer Diagnostic.

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