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March 2016

Do You Have the DNA to Achieve the Results You Seek?

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Every person is born with a one-of-kind biological DNA. Your DNA is a collection of internal factors that manifest as your natural talents and tendencies. Had you considered that you have a professional DNA, too?
In order to achieve superior results in business and in the business of life, you must identify your natural DNA then align it with career paths and goals that align with that DNA.  Does that make sense?

You see, aligning your natural DNA (talents) with the natural demands of the job will position you to achieve more with less. Inner conflict will be reduced and external results will be increased because your natural style will be a natural fit. Hence, the term that you’ve heard attributed to Michelangelo, Michael Jordan, Tiger, Oprah and others. They’re referred to as “naturals” because there’s a natural DNA fit.

So, let me ask you, if your job could talk, then what would it say about the DNA required for succeeding in your position?  Do you have that natural DNA (talent)?

The best way to determine whether you have the DNA for the job is to conduct a proper DNA-JOB assessment which measures specific talents and motivations called for in your particular job.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how clearly do you understand the requirements of your job? In other words, can you identify the DNA required for success in your job?
  2.  Perhaps you have some or many of the talents required by the job. On a scale of 1 to 10, how fully developed are your Sales talents?
  3.  What are the key requirements of your job?
  4.  On a scale of 1 to 10, how will does your DNA fit the DNA requirements of the job?

Based on these questions- do you think you are a DNA fit, or are you trying to make your DNA fit into an    unrealistic job placement?

Think about it. If you have more talent than the job rewards, then you’ll find yourself bored and unfulfilled, which leads to job hopping. If you have less talent than the job requires, you will find yourself making errors and missing opportunities, which leads to unemployment. How do you know if you’re in the wrong job? Well, let me put it this way, if you could quit your job on Monday and still be fulfilled, then you are in the wrong job!

And consider this. If you don’t have the natural DNA, then it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve superior results. It does mean that you’ll have to work much harder and smarter than those “naturals (sometimes referred to as geniuses)”.

Regretfully, most people settle and “get a job” with a company to pay the bills. Too often their plan is to “get by” for a few years, then depart the company, so they can do what they really love to do. Do you know of anyone like that?

There is genius inside of you. Have you unleashed it? What natural gifts are you holding hostage from the world because of your personal fears? You need to honestly answer these questions.