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Whose Got Your Back?

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Who’s got yo back?

A ways back, my business was down and my bills were up!

Ever been there? Still there?

Anyway, I went home to Detroit to regroup mentally and get coaching and encouragement from my Dad.

After spending a few nights at his crib, he slid me a few dollars before my departure.

And the next day, he placed an un-expected note at the exit door.

And it read, “Danny Boy, I got your back (I won’t let you fail)!”

This meant so much to me that I kept the note to continue to strengthen me.

And then, my business exploded and now I’m traveling the world helping teams improve sales performance.

And then?  My Dad had a stroke on 3/30/16!

Yes, he’s doing better.

And I’ll be headed back to Detroit in a few weeks to get him and move him to Atlanta with me.

And so, I changed the note to read, “Daddy O, I got your back (I won’t let you fail)! And its bringing tears to my eye as I write this post.


In short, who’s got yo back in business and in the business of life? In Sales and Life, you need a couple of folks that gotcha back!


Sell Less- Collaborate More!

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So, I’m in Egypt delivering my Value Selling Program. And guess what?

An Operations Manager walks up to me during a break and says, ” I love your
principles about creating value. Why? Because although I’m in Operations I
have to sell my ideas to my staff to get them to take new action. Your
workshop could be called How to Sell an Idea!”

Wow. Nice.
And btw, how do you sell an idea? You don’t!
Instead, you create a collaboration culture that enables the
client/prospects/teammates to draw their own conclusions about making
changes in their behavior.
In short, their self-discovery is more powerful than your sales
So, sell less and COLLABORATE MORE – that’s how you sell an idea!


Did We Set the Goal Correctly?

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Every year, month, week and day, the Sales Leader and his/her team chase their sales forecast in a quest to hit their sales plan. Hit the plan and you can exhale. Miss the plan and heads roll! Sound familiar?

But my research and evaluation show that most Sales Plans were inaccurately set. How’s that? Well, most sales forecasts are seller-centric. It’s all based on the seller’s gut and guess. Then, of course, Senior Management increase these submittals to stretch the sales goal.

And so, for the next 365 days the organization chases the inaccurately set sales goal/forecast. Many call this “Corporate Crazy”.

 Q: What’s the alternative?  

A: Set a client-centric forecast that is realistically based on their needs (initiatives ) and your seeds (solutions).

Sure, this may lead to a more conservative forecast from time-to-time, but it will consistently lead to greater accuracy and truth.  You tell me, set a 12 month forecast based on truth or spend the year chasing a lie?!

The purpose of a sales call and a sales forecast is to get to the truth quickly. And the truth will set you free….to maximize organizational potential without going crazy. Ask yourself and your organization, did we set the goal correctly? 


Be Inspirational!

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So, I’m here in London with my team (The Deal Closers). And as I went to check-in for the flight, I was directed Virgin Atlantic’s upper lounge (now, that’s what I’m talk’n bout). I asked for the wifi password, which was – INSPIRE! What a great metaphor. What’s the password to log on with sales teams, for account managers to connect with clients, for teachers to better connect with with their students? INSPIRE.

The password is INSPIRE – encouraging others to see the possibilities, and getting them to believe that what’s possible, is possible for them to achieve!!!


How to Achieve the Sales Results Your CEO Expects and Wallstreet Demands

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How to achieve the sales results that your CEO expects and Wall Street demands?

The Context?

The CEO stands up and says, there is increased uncertainty in the world market and with consumer trends. While conversely, there is increased certainty with more competitors and customers demanding more value at less cost.  Sound familiar?

The content?

The CEO challenged his organization to change. Here’s a summary of the changes in mindset and skill set the market is demanding from his company, from your company and mine:

New Mindset.                              Old Mindset

Collaborate Internally.          Compete Internally

People outside the box.           People in boxes

Drive Value.                                 Drive Profits

Change the Game.                     Play the Game

Invest in People.                         Invest in Tools

Have Passion.                              Have a Plan

Engagement.                                Messages

Manage Opportunity.               Manage Risk

Value Selling.                                Relationship Selling

How to achieve the sales results that your CEO expects and Wall Street demands?  Adopt the new mindset and adapt to a new skill set. It’s simple, but it’s not easy.  Call us. We know how to help.


Making a Living, Or a Fortune?

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Make a Living or a Fortune? During a delivery of our Value Selling workshop, the client was taking about growing their Win Rate by 20%. Sound like similar talks within your company? In short, I challenged the room (and I’m challenging you in this post) to get better by 20%. Then, I borrowed a quote from the great Jim Rohn. “Work harder on yourself than you do on the job!” Why? Because if you work hard on the job, you can make a living. But, if you work hard on yourself (personal development), you can make a fortune! Want to make a living or a fortune?