Did We Set the Goal Correctly?


Every year, month, week and day, the Sales Leader and his/her team chase their sales forecast in a quest to hit their sales plan. Hit the plan and you can exhale. Miss the plan and heads roll! Sound familiar?

But my research and evaluation show that most Sales Plans were inaccurately set. How’s that? Well, most sales forecasts are seller-centric. It’s all based on the seller’s gut and guess. Then, of course, Senior Management increase these submittals to stretch the sales goal.

And so, for the next 365 days the organization chases the inaccurately set sales goal/forecast. Many call this “Corporate Crazy”.

 Q: What’s the alternative?  

A: Set a client-centric forecast that is realistically based on their needs (initiatives ) and your seeds (solutions).

Sure, this may lead to a more conservative forecast from time-to-time, but it will consistently lead to greater accuracy and truth.  You tell me, set a 12 month forecast based on truth or spend the year chasing a lie?!

The purpose of a sales call and a sales forecast is to get to the truth quickly. And the truth will set you free….to maximize organizational potential without going crazy. Ask yourself and your organization, did we set the goal correctly? 

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