Whose Got Your Back?


Who’s got yo back?

A ways back, my business was down and my bills were up!

Ever been there? Still there?

Anyway, I went home to Detroit to regroup mentally and get coaching and encouragement from my Dad.

After spending a few nights at his crib, he slid me a few dollars before my departure.

And the next day, he placed an un-expected note at the exit door.

And it read, “Danny Boy, I got your back (I won’t let you fail)!”

This meant so much to me that I kept the note to continue to strengthen me.

And then, my business exploded and now I’m traveling the world helping teams improve sales performance.

And then?  My Dad had a stroke on 3/30/16!

Yes, he’s doing better.

And I’ll be headed back to Detroit in a few weeks to get him and move him to Atlanta with me.

And so, I changed the note to read, “Daddy O, I got your back (I won’t let you fail)! And its bringing tears to my eye as I write this post.


In short, who’s got yo back in business and in the business of life? In Sales and Life, you need a couple of folks that gotcha back!

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