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June 2016

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How Well Do You Solve Problems?

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What is a problem? It’s a challenge. It’s a difficulty. It’s a goal turned inside out! Problems are really goals that have yet to be achieved. So, by learning how to solve your problems, you are learning how to achieve your goals!

Think about it. If you’re not achieving your sales goals, then that’s an unsolved problem. If you are not enjoying the kind of business relationships you desire, then this is just another problem that you must solve. Any sales obstacle that stands between you and your goal is merely a problem waiting for a solution. This is why success has been defined as the ability to evaluate and solve problems.  Your real job as a professional salesperson is to be a professional problem solver. How good are you are at your job?

How do top performers solve problems?  They begin by conducting an accurate evaluation of the problem. They know accurate diagnosis (evaluation) precedes effective prescription (solution). This is true for doctors in the field of medicine and it’s true for a salesperson in the field of business.

In fact, we’re evaluating right now. We’re identifying the root of an evaluation by asking and answering a series of questions. You see, questions drive your focus, actions and results. But of course, not everyone asks the same quality of questions. And this variance in the quality of questions, in part, accounts for the difference in results between top performers and average performers. Weak questions lead to weak results and superior questions lead to superior results. It’s just that simple.

Returning to our medical analogy, if an evaluation is the diagnosis, then a question is the scalpel used to cut to the heart of a problem and its cure. It’s the questions you ask and fail to ask that will affect your diagnosis and destiny. Consider the quality of the questions you ask yourself each day. Could you be cutting with a dull knife? Could your questions use sharpening?

The master key to success in business and in the business of life is learning how to solve problems. Questions are the key to solving problems.


Simplicity is the Genesis of Genius!

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So, I’m here in Paris helping Sales/Marketing/Customer Service improve sales performance.

Q: What was the challenge?
A: Complexity.

Let me explain. Most internal sales processes are complex (too many forms, pages and spreadsheets). And because of this complexity, execution of the processes works in the book, but not on the streets…of reality.

In contrast, what’s simple is easy. And what’s easy gets done! Hard doesn’t get done.

Face it. Simplicity is the genesis of Genius! Think about Google. Consider Apple. Shop Amazon.

You want do grow like Google? Innovate like Apple? Achieve like Amazon? Then, K.I.S.S. That is, Keep It Simple Strategists.


Are your standards high enough to achieve the results you seek?

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A standard is an internal goal. It’s your inner drive to achieve a result. It’s a reflection of what you consider to be acceptable or unacceptable behavior regarding results. It’s your self-imposed measure of excellence. In summary, it’s your personal commitment to be at your best when it matters the most.

Search your heart and honestly ask yourself “Am I curious or serious about superior sales results? Committed or just interested? Playing around or playing to win?”This gut-check is critical because a superior commitment is the basis to achieving superior results in business and in the business of life.

The good news is that if you’re just curious about achieving superior results, you can still produce good results. The bad news is that you’ll never achieve great results. Why?Because your results will usually be commensurate with your standards. Low standards produce weak results and high standards produce superior results. So if you want to achieve new results then you must step up and set new standards. Make sense? Your results are giving you feedback. Are you listening?

Don’t be casual about your standards because casualness leads to casualties.

Why raise your standards?

It’s because the best rewards are always at the next level. If you think you’re at the top, please know there’s always another level. And you’re not going to be fulfilled until you find it. Do you need help raising your standard, to achieve the results you seek? Reach out to me, we are here to help.

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What Separates Top Performers from Average Performers?

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Question: What’s the #1 factor that separates top performers from average performers? Everything I’ve seen inside the most successful firms in America says that the answer is Superior Preparation!

Preparation involves 2 things:

  1. Anticipate the future

Strategies that ANTICIPATE the customer’s future needs are much more predictive of success than those focused on immediate customer satisfaction. If you can anticipate the customer’s needs before he does, you will position yourself to be the solution for the future. You will leap frog over the competition.

How can you discover what customers will want, even before they know it themselves? How can you anticipate future problems and help customers prevent or solve them quickly? Simple. Employ the S.E.E. method.

S.tudy. Study to identify the current and/or urgent trends and changes that are taking place in your market. I’m not talking about the obvious trends and changes. I mean those that are strategically important but perhaps not on the client’s radar. This will prepare you to intrigue your prospect, like this, “Are you aware that X could be impacting your Y? I’ve been observing Z and its potential affect on your competitors. Can we get together to discuss what it means to your firm’s bottom line?”

E.stimate. Estimate the effects that industry trends will have on your prospect’s business. Market trends trickle-down and impact businesses (your prospect). These impacts cause new pain or gain for the prospect’s business. You must understand and anticipate this pain or gain before your competition does. In this way, you position yourself to be strategically important and difficult to replace.

E.valuate. Evaluate the trickle-down effects on the person. Prospects and clients take action, not just because it’s the right thing to do for the business, but because of how it personally affects them or their careers.

Evaluate the effects that these business trends are having on the prospect. What new pain or gain could they be creating? When you can see that problem in advance, you become irreplaceable.


What Is Your DNA Fit?

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What’s the difference between a Seminar Leader and a Keynote Speaker?

I’d been trying to answer that question for years. I’d seen others blow-up as Keynote Speakers. And I thought the skills to pay the bills too!

Did I? Nope.

But, why wasn’t I as successful as they were (I mean I was as good look’n and intelligent as two out of the top 10 keynoters LOL)?

Q: What was their secret sauce?
A: DNA Fit!

A few years ago, I heard a CD from Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker Patricia Fripp. On the CD, she made the point that Keynotes are based on entertainment while Seminars are rooted in education.

You see, good things have been happening for me and my team because we are a better DNA fit for Sales Seminars than entertainment based Keynotes.

You see, When you match your DNA with the DNA requirements of the job/mission, then your results will grow bigger, better and faster. Make sense?

So, let me ask you, are you a DNA fit for your position is Sales?

In other words, If results could talk, then what would they say about your DNA fit for Sales?

Want better results? Then find a better DNA fit (sales, love and life)!