Client’s say, Daniel has 3 unique sales training gifts that differentiate him:

The Gift of Simple

His gift to take the complex and make things simple and easy to understand and do.

The Gift of Service

His gift to be a servant-leader to small groups and help them collaborate and get to the truth quickly.

The Gift of Strategy

His gift to help people identify strategies and develop action plans to improve their performance in sales and life.

With over a decade of dedicated to B2B sales training and coaching, Daniel has a proven track record of igniting sales growth. He is a world-class communicator, able to connect and collaborate with all types of people – from Sellers to Leaders, from Sales to Operations and from Africa to Asia. He has already helped many of the world’s top companies improve their sales effectiveness.




Book Smart
Daniel earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University, then his M.B.A. from Atlanta University. He was awarded an honorary PhD from Cornerstone Theological Seminary. He is the author of STEP UP – How to Win More and Lose Less in Business and his forthcoming book THE DEAL CLOSERS – How to Win, More, Faster in Sales.

Street Smart
Daniel worked as a salesperson for 10 years at Union Pacific Railroad and CSX Transportation, where he won and lost major opportunities. Then, he worked for Tony Robbins as a Results Coach. Thereafter, he launched his entrepreneurial career as a B2B Sales Training and Coaching expert where he won and lost major opportunities, all of which provides him with insights into the do’s and don’ts of Sales and Sales Coaching Excellence.

People Smart
Daniel has worked with sellers, sales leaders and sales teams all over the USA and Canada, plus Vienna, Munich, Cairo, Johannesburg, Brussels, London, Paris, Dubai, Moscow, Ghana, Malaysia and Hong Kong. His ability to connect at all levels, all countries and get them to change their behavior is just one example of his people smarts.

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